Happy new year, ASL-style

I remember being a new mom to Avery and watching the second Signing Times video, “Playtime Signs.” At the end, there is an original song by Rachel Coleman. I used to watch the show for myself, just so I could listen to the song, called “The Good.” It brought tears to my eyes, and became a sort-of anthem for my life, then.

The song can be heard here. Or go here to see Rachel demonstrating the signs for “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year.”


4 thoughts on “Happy new year, ASL-style

  1. What a terrific result of having Miss E in your life! We have had a similar effect in our family…my oldest son is very intersted in physical therapy. That, or fire fighting.

  2. Thanks for the link. Miss E has some of these videos from another blogging friend. My oldest the girl De loves the videos more than anyone in the house. She says she is going to teach ESL after going to college.

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