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Gifts, available for preorder

Kathryn Lynard Soper is the creator and editor of a collection of personal writing by 63 mothers of children with Down syndrome that was published for a short time through Booksurge, a division of Woodbine House has since acquired … Continue reading

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Another Special Needs Mama column

by Vicki Forman is up at Literary Mama. Go here to read, “Between the Lines,” about nonverbal communication.

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On belly buttons and belonging

My first son Carter was born in a small rural community on the flat, sage-covered plains of eastern Montana, in the local hospital during a blizzard. The birth was all the things most first births are: terrifying and exhilarating and … Continue reading

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NDSS sent this email:

Dear Affiliates, We are thrilled to announce that 500 Barnes & Noble stores across the country will hold special “Storytime” events for children ages six to eight in February to raise awareness about Down syndrome. The events will also incorporate … Continue reading

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Carter writes about Avery,

for a second-grade reading assignment, in answer to the question, “Do you know anyone in your life who can not walk?” “My brother Avery is learning to walk. He can not talk much but he can talk in sign language. … Continue reading

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The NDSC press release

“condemns recent recommendations by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) that convey tacit approval for terminating pregnancies where the fetus has Down syndrome.” Thanks to Emma Sage’s mom Tara Marie, who has the entire statement posted here.

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The Attack on Kids with Down Syndrome,

subtitled, “Golly, What Did Jon Do” is the Janurary 29, 2007 Newsweek column by Pulitzer prize-winning writer George F. Will, who is Jon’s father. You can read the article here.

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Potty time

Bennett, for some while now, has been struggling with toilet learning. We have days when he “gets” it, then days when he is weepy and barely able to control himself, let alone his toileting. The other morning, Avery toddled over … Continue reading

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Expecting Adam book discussion

begins today over at You can read more here.

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Sesame Noodles

Tom makes this recipe when he is feeling in the mood to be in the kitchen. I love the way these noodles taste, and I love that he cooks them for me. 1/2 lb. linguine 1-inch piece fresh ginger root, … Continue reading

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When my oldest son Carter was three years old, he broke his leg. Until that moment, my mothering experience had existed well within the confines of the baby books…sleep deprivation, diaper rash, the occassional cold. The broken leg brought me … Continue reading

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Gravity Pulls You In

is an upcoming anthology of essays describing life with children on the autism spectrum. Editors Kyra Anderson and Vicki Forman have extended the submissions deadline to February 15, 2007. More information is also listed here.

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Barnes & Noble Booksellers

has a new initiative this year focusing on Down syndrome. Each store is being asked to hold an in-store event connected with Down syndrome during the month of February. The purpose of the event is to bring awareness, particularly of … Continue reading

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The Canadian Down Syndrome Society

will begin a public awareness campaign February 1, in response to the new prenatal screening recommendations, including a “value neutral language bank” for those presenting screening results. You can read more about it here.

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Three of my friends are hurting: each woman, for different reasons, is feeling the tug of family, motherhood, and life pulling her in too many directions. Another dear friend’s father is ill. Still another lost her sweet puppy to an … Continue reading

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