I love a parade

The kids and I are watching the Tournament of Roses Parade. Fog is creeping across the lake and the roads are glassed in ice, but on television, the day is bright and sunny.

Bands march past the cameras, and Avery plays air drums. Flower-covered floats ride along, and Avery waves his hand in the air like the Mayor. Bennett copies him, Carter next, and I join in too. We are all waving, hello, hello, welcome. Welcome 2007.

Happy New Year, from our house to yours.


8 thoughts on “I love a parade

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. We have so much in common with our twin boys!
    I would be happy for you to link to me here; can I do the same?
    Happy 2007!

  2. From my house to yours, Happy New Year! I drove past the parade remnants this morning, and Josie was up early to watch in person. I firmly understand the parade’s founders, who wanted to show off the January weather here in SoCal to their friends back east. It works every year, doesn’t it?

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family. I love the Rose Bowl Parade..the floats are just amazing….but we are watching it and it is 80 degrees and sunny.


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