Mamas making a difference

A special nod of appreciation to two writer-mamas who share their thoughts on mothering with the larger parenting community.

Vicki Forman begins her “Special Needs Mama” column, which will appear monthly at Literary Mama, with an essay about parenting her multiply-disabled son Evan, called “The Mother at the Swings,” here.

And Karen at “Lion and Magic Boy” will begin posting regularly over at’s Strollerderby; her first entry is called “Strike Three for Diversity,” about the new recommendations for universal prenatal screening, here.


6 thoughts on “Mamas making a difference

  1. Great links – I especially loved the ‘mother at the swings’ analogy. I have to say that I didn’t have a prenatal diagnosis of DS but from about 20 weeks we knew the risk was high due to a heart defect picked up in an ultrasound. My obs did not push for an amnio. In hindsight he might have been more positive about it all but he did reveal that he had a son with DS.

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