More mamas making a difference

Go here to read the inspirational story of two moms who saw a need and filled it. And thanks to Courtney, who originally shared the link on


7 thoughts on “More mamas making a difference

  1. Well I am pleasantly surprised to see you posting this! This is a labor of love for Diane and I! These kids have been ointment for our souls, and teachers to our hearts, and MUCH more than we ever thought they could be, especially typical toddlers! But that is the wonderful things about them! They are blessings through and through! Thank you Jennifer!-Courtney Fields

  2. Shelley I had a laugh at that one, too. No one told Avery he was ointment for anyone’s soul…

    And R, thanks for the thanks. I was checking out all these links and sites anyway, and I thought hey, why not share? Maybe some other moms are doing the same things, and this will save time, and also provide a place to “talk” about it.

  3. ‘ointment on my soul’? Love it – I could say the same for my Hannah too – only sometimes she’s a salve and othertimes in true toddler style more like a stinging lotion!

  4. I am so glad you are posting so many different articles and resources on the web. I used to do this, but it was just so time consuming.

    Thanks for pooling together so much information in one place.

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