Playing Topple with two 3-year-olds

“Green, green, blue, green!” Bennett says, as he stacks the little disks on top of the tower he is building. The colors, in reality, are pink and yellow.

“Green, green!” Avery says, as he takes his turn at the tower. His colors are yellow and purple.

And now it’s my turn, “Yellow, pink,” I say, unsure what else to do. As with all the games I play with the twins lately, I am the last to figure out the rules.

“One, two, five, eleven, nineteen!” says Bennett.

“One, two, three!” says Avery. It appears that we have switched to numbers.

“One, two, three,” I say, copying Avery, pointing to the three of us, then patting each of us on the head.

“Duck, duck, goose!” says Bennett.

“Goose!” says Avery, and turns and scoots away, and Bennett runs after him. I am too slow, as usual, left behind amidst the Topple pieces, green green blue, one two three.

6 thoughts on “Playing Topple with two 3-year-olds

  1. Shelley, when I was told we were having twins, I thought, how will I manage it? Now that they are a bit older, I think, how would I manage it without two? I love that they have each other. Sounds the same at your house!

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun. I love watching the twins play together – they often use a language all their own – with mine it is largely non verbal giggling and hand holding and mimicing each other.

  3. Thanks R, these “family life” posts are for them. I don’t keep a baby book and I can’t remember what day it is; maybe I can save a little bit of their childhoods on this blog.

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