Avery, sleeping

Avery is afraid of the dark. In the room he shares with his brothers, there is a glowing turtle nightlight, and also a musical globe that shines patterns of circus animals on the ceiling. Sometimes, if he hasn’t fallen asleep before the globe’s song ends, he’ll whimper, then cry. I go to him, and kiss his nose, and restart the light show.

Last night, as I kissed him, it was as if we were the only people in the world, him and me beneath a sky of monkeys and lions, elephants and giraffes. The love I felt for him was so pure, and so strong, it momentarily took my breath away.


9 thoughts on “Avery, sleeping

  1. Hi Jennifer

    I’ve just caught up with your last posts and, as usual, I find myself identifying with such a lot that you said. I’m not even sure which post to respond to…

    Thanks for writing and sharing information.


  2. That is so sweet!!! Don’t you just love moments like that????? You are more than welcome to add Rhett’s Journey to your blogroll. We Would like to add you too!!!

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