A crooked little pinky

Like many children with Down syndrome, Avery has a curved bone in his pinky. He has white flecks in his irises called Brushfield spots, which look like stars in his eyes. He also has a single crease across the palm of his left hand, which was one of the first clues to our pediatrician that Avery might have Down syndrome.

These things have become beautiful to me, parts of Avery that make him who he is. You might say he has me wrapped around his crooked little finger.

15 thoughts on “A crooked little pinky

  1. jessica is my lil peanut, she is a twin and was born with 2 crooked lil pinkys. everyone always teases her about them and i couldnt love them more.

  2. Oh my Alfie has those light spots in his eyes – I didn’t know what they were called before. They should be Brushfield sparkles really. People coo over them. His hands are the same as mine though – big and clumpy!

  3. Thanks for the nice comment on my page. I am feeling muh better, I was justa ll bummed out yesterday. But today thesun is shining, we are going for a long walk and then having a nice big breakfast together.

    On another note, I hope Vincent’s eyes stay like they are forever, I love them. Beautiful post.

  4. I’d better check out Hannah’s fingers – I know they are all there but that is it! I love that big old gap between her toes myself – so very cute on her long skinny feet.

  5. Nathaniel has the crooked little pinky too, he does not have the palmer crease tho..I love it when we are laying together and Nathaniel will reach around and grab my hand and pull it over to his chest 🙂 He is my little snuggle-bug 🙂

  6. I’ll have to go and look at Parker’s pinkys. Geez, I don’t think I have ever noticed if they are crooked or not. I know they have all three joints.

    Wow. Talk about a super case of Mommy guilt. lol!

  7. My youngest daughter also has a crooked pinky. It was one of the first things we noticed about her and we didn’t realize it was a “Downs thing”. But we thought it was a sign from above. Both my son and myself (as well as many family members) have crooked pinkies!

  8. To me, Mikey’s hands are the most beautiful part of his body. I love to place his open hand on mine and marvel at the line across his hand and his sweet stubby fingers. Pure perfection!

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