Three of my friends are hurting: each woman, for different reasons, is feeling the tug of family, motherhood, and life pulling her in too many directions. Another dear friend’s father is ill. Still another lost her sweet puppy to an accident in the road. The pain of the people I care about makes my heart heavy. I feel small, and mostly useless.

Avery has always been really good at knowing who needs a hug. He hugs with his whole body, and holds on so tight, that when I am hugging him, there is nothing else, no other thought, no room for anything but the embrace.

This: the child I once worried would be a burden, lifting my burden.


9 thoughts on “Hurt

  1. What a gift, a child whose spirit senses the needs of others.

    It is a hard thing to do, to see others, friends & family carrying heavy loads and we feel like we can not do enough to make the journey easier for them.

    I so love reading your blog…..

  2. Our children, they *are* amazing aren’t they? Eric’s hugs are simply the best.ever. And he doles them out with such joy and so generously, even to selected but perfect strangers. He always knows when there is someone in need. I feel so very very lucky.

  3. Jennifer, you do so much more than you even realize, with you kind words, comforting sentiments, and wonderful perspective of the world. They are just as valuable as a strong hug from Avery, in so many ways.

    Your not small and useless, you are wonderful and amazing, and such a great friend. You are appreciated by many, and loved by all.

    Thank you for all that you do.

  4. Thank you, Jennifer. This presence of Avery’s is exactly what I’ve been asking for in my own life lately. I don’t want to miss any of the love (like yours, like my daughter’s, my husbands, my family’s) that’s coming my way anymore, and the only way I seem able to receive it is to be present for it. And to say thank you, too.

    Thank you.

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