Still more on prenatal screening

Here’s an article in the Sunday Washington Post in which writer Patricia E. Bauer brings her experience as the mother of a daughter with Down syndrome to the discussion.


4 thoughts on “Still more on prenatal screening

  1. Thank s for you post, Alice. I’ve been reading a bit on this topic here and there and everyone seems to be thinking just because the tests are offered, that means they must be taken. I think your post shows there still is freedom to choose what is best for you and your family; I hope women are made aware that the tests are not mandatory.

    We took the AFP and it came back normal, so we didn’t get an amnio. I was carrying twins and the risk was high enough. Plus I had really really wanted another baby (and we got two! see how much I wanted it?) and my heart was already with the babies, no matter what, we were in it together right from the start.

  2. I think it’s really good that this debate is happening publicly here. In the UK everyone is offered nuchal fold translucency tests but there was never any debate about it as far as I can recall.

    Matthew and I decided to decline the tests – what would be the point of knowing if our child had Down Syndrome before he or she was born? It wouldn’t be a reason for us to terminate, and it would just stress us out – that was our thinking. So many of my friends had a horrible time going through the test – the results aren’t accurate and you have to wait ages to get an accurate result via amnio. Then there’s the thought that there’s something ‘wrong’ with your baby. They call it ‘abnormality’. And when you’re pregnant that’s your worst nightmare.

    I’m so glad we didn’t get the test – when we finally met Alfie he was our gorgeous baby. But I’m also glad that we’d talked about ‘what if our baby has Down’s’? We knew that he was wanted whatever – and it really helped us deal with the news that he had DS when he was born. We could shout ‘Hooray for Alfie!’.
    Anyway – a bit of a long message! Thanks for the article!

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