Barnes & Noble Booksellers

has a new initiative this year focusing on Down syndrome. Each store is being asked to hold an in-store event connected with Down syndrome during the month of February.

The purpose of the event is to bring awareness, particularly of the many talents and strengths of school children with Down syndrome. The focus will not be on obstacles, but on celebrating achievements.

(This information was found here, and Tom and I were contacted by the Missoula B&N to participate in an event there on February 10.)


4 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble Booksellers

  1. TM, I hope you contact them, and I hope there is a great day planned. I was so happy to learn about this initiative! I kept waiting for any of the larger DS groups to respond to the ACOG recommendations, as they have in Canada, and so far, nothing. This B&N initiative is the only thing I’ve heard about.

  2. I have not heard about our local B&N’s events yet, but plan on sending an e-mail in a little bit. The CEO of B&N lives about 25 minutes from me, so I am hoping our local one will have a spectacular events calendar set up.

    This is the type of awareness that we need to have more often.

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