Potty time

Bennett, for some while now, has been struggling with toilet learning. We have days when he “gets” it, then days when he is weepy and barely able to control himself, let alone his toileting.

The other morning, Avery toddled over as I pulled on Bennett’s big-boy underpants. He pointed at the diaper he was wearing, then at the underpants Bennett was wearing. “No,” I said. “You’re not ready.”

Avery continued to point and fuss, using all his sounds, and all his signs, to convince me that he needed to wear big-boy pants, too. So I gave in and let him wear a pair of Buzz Lightyear’s, size three.

The afternoon passed. Next time I noticed, Avery had scooted over to the potty chair, removed the Buzz Lightyear’s, and was happily using the chair for its intended purpose.

Mama note to self: please don’t tell Avery what he can and can’t do ever again.

18 thoughts on “Potty time

  1. What a great story! Strong work, Avery!
    I need to file this one away—I tend to encourage Simon to sit on the potty seat because he is showing signs of being ready, but not so much with Jude because I assume he isn’t ready.
    Shouldn’t assume, perhaps?

  2. Jennifer, since I have Expecting Adam on the brain: This post reminded me of the time Adam was trying to tell his mom the name of his new school friend, and she just couldn’t get what he’s saying. Finally, exasperated, he grabbed a pencil and paper and wrote the name: Miguel Fernando de la Hoya. (I forgot to mention this at the DownSyn forum, but it’s one of my favorite stories from the book. )

    Thanks for reminding me not to underestimate any of my kids, esp. the one that can be all-too-easy to underestimate. Hooray for Avery and Buzz!

  3. That is so exciting. Good for him! It is so easy for us to forget all that they are learning and absorbing just because they don’t always have every perfect word to express it! This is a great experience you shared. Thank you.

  4. Talk about a “learning moment,” meaning ME learning…a very humbling experience. Thanks for all the comments, everyone, I really appreciate them. (Hi Gingerbread Lady, good to see you!)

  5. Way to go Avery!!! It’s amazing what they soak in, and we don’t even realize it. And it is also amazing that they choose not to let you know that they know!!!!!! I have caught Rhett patty caking, and saying…cake, cake ,cake, when I am not looking ,but the second he knows I see him he just stops and grins. If I ask him to do it??? Forget it!!!!

  6. Jen,

    You have taken “homeschooling” to a new level with Avery showing what he can do. Horray for both teacher and student.

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