Carter writes about Avery,

for a second-grade reading assignment, in answer to the question, “Do you know anyone in your life who can not walk?”

“My brother Avery is learning to walk. He can not talk much but he can talk in sign language. Sometimes Avery laughs and sometimes he tips over. He likes to ride in a wagon. He is a cuddly one. I call him Little Junior. I love him very much.”


15 thoughts on “Carter writes about Avery,

  1. What a sweetheart Carter is and a very good writer. I think it is awsome that his class is reading that type of a book. you must be so proud of him.
    BTW thanks for the comment you left on my page and Yes you certainly can link me.

  2. “…Avery laughs and sometimes he tips over.” This is wonderful! Tell Carter to keep up the good work. And I love this blog!!!

  3. Carter’s working out of the Pathway Reader, “Climbing Higher.” There’s also a terrific book called “Gramma’s Walk” (Greenwillow Books) that is about a boy and his grandmother who uses a wheelchair. The dedication reads, “For everyone who knows that with imagination anything is possible.”

  4. that’s an interesting reading assignment question! Were they reading a particular book to prompt this question?

    What a touching answer from Carter…especially the last sentence! What a great brother he is. Too bad the people who think having a child w/Ds will negatively impact their “other” children won’t have a chance to read this!

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