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If you live in the Los Angeles area,

there’s a one day conference called “Tools for the Journey: Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome” on March 31. The cost is $100 and you can apply for funding from your regional center. Thanks to Vicki from Speak Softly … Continue reading

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Writing Mamas take note

of this opportunity posted by Dawn at This Woman’s Work. She’s looking for pitches for short pieces to appear in an e-newsletter, $25 for 500-750 words, query first.

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Fresh, like peas…

Yes, I once again changed the layout of Pinwheels, to a brand-new theme called MistyLook. I loved Tarski (the previous theme) but I didn’t like the comments in the footer, which put them at the very very end of the … Continue reading

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More on PTZ

Dr. Len Leshin, who maintains the website and is father to a son with DS, has this to say about the Standford research on PTZ: “I did see this. This goes along with an earlier study by Dr. Mobley … Continue reading

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Karen, from Lion and Magic Boy

has a post up at Strollerderby called, “New Hope for Down syndrome?” that looks at the tough question, would we change our kids, if we could? The recent news story about pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) raises the question, but to me, it’s … Continue reading

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Peas, revisited

The new header is for all the pea-lovers out there. (There must be a few?) And if you’re wondering, What’s with all the peas? Go here.

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Stanford researchers look at PTZ

as a possible link in understanding memory and cognition in people with Down syndrome. Stanford researchers believe that “PTZ and the other compounds may work because they block a neurotransmitter that slows brain function. That neurotransmitter is believed to work … Continue reading

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A new Special Needs Mama Column

is up at Literary Mama. This month, Vicki Forman writes about “Special Needs Love” and the ways in which our children touch hearts.

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Rebecca from Always Chaos Around Here

is taking a blogging break, but has these links to share: She found a new website called About Down Syndrome, which provides lists, facts and links and is maintained by a mom of eight, who is a registered nurse. Her … Continue reading

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A secret language

My friend Emily asked how best to teach ASL to her children, who are beautiful and intelligent and thoughtful boys who happen to have the normal number of chromosomes. I suggested that she try my all-time favorites, Signing Time! by … Continue reading

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If you are a Who fan, or a Pete Townshend fan,

go here, to his blog to read about the Down syndrome awareness event he attended at the Barnes & Noble in NYC. Thanks to Saint Nobody for the link.

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Avery eating peas

He’s the last child at the dining room table, and last thing on his plate: a small pile of peas. “Eat your peas, A. E.,” I say. He looks at me, lips pressed closed, thin and tight. “One bite. One … Continue reading

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Steve Riggio and his daughter Melissa

are the subject of a feature story in today’s USA Today titled, “Message born of ‘hopes and dreams’”. Go here to read the article, which includes a sidebar of the lyrics to Melissa’s song “The Ring”, and a father/daughter photo.

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Quote for the day

“No, that’s not Grandpa, honey. Grandpa doesn’t have a monkey.”

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Lots of posts about Avery, so here’s one about his twin brother Bennett. Bennett is learning words, and like most little kids, sometimes he gets it wrong. For example: Swirsty = thristy Cramps = crayons Pinata = blahblahblah Green = … Continue reading

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