9 months ago,

I signed a contract with book publisher The Penguin Group, NAL division, to deliver a book about my experience mothering Avery, called Roadmap to Holland. I recently completed the first draft. It feels like a birth of sorts and I think that’s why my previous posts have been about my other children’s births–Carter’s, and Avery’s and Bennett’s. Birthing is on my mind.

And like my live births, there is a fourth trimester in writing, when you begin letting go of the story, when you revise and fact-check and prepare to give it over to the next set of hands. I’m in that stage, now.

A photographer friend of mine has begun writing, and I’ve said this to her: writing is like lithography. You put down the story in layers, one over another, until you find the combination that pleases you the most. Then you know you’ve finished; when no more layers can be added, or subtracted.

The trick, of course, is knowing how to recognize that moment when it arrives.


16 thoughts on “9 months ago,

  1. Thank you one and all for the encouragement! And I SHOULD post a photo…like a newborn, it’s red (editing marks) and wrinkly…lemme wait and get that really cute photo of a three-month-old…

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