New mom’s group

It’s a day of freezing fog, and I just got a call from Janet at the Child Development Center in the town north of us, telling me there is a winter weather advisory. She was wondering if I still planned to come up for the new mom’s group. I told her I was, and that I would drive carefully and slowly.

I remember all the new mom’s groups I tried out with Carter–the play group in the rec room of the Presbyterian church, Kindermusic classes, a disastrous moms-night-out (another story for another time!) and the one that finally stuck. A group of moms who met every Thursday in one of our homes, for play time and lunch. It was simply called “Mommy’s.” Our kids have all grown and we see each other only occasssionally, now, mostly to reminisce. But for a time, those women were my lifeline.

So today I’ll bundle up the little boys and head out into the freezing fog for one more new mom’s group–only this time, my kids are the big kids, and I am the inexpert expert. The group is at the Child Development Center because the moms all have babies with Down syndrome.

I remember those early days as if they were yesterday–how every new mom deserves all the support and encouragement she can get, but especially moms who have to navigate the complicated world of special needs.

I hope the little boys and I have something good to share.


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