What I learned today…

I love new moms.
I love new babies (when they belong to other mothers).
I love new moms of babies with Down syndrome.


10 thoughts on “What I learned today…

  1. Oh I’m so glad it went well. Hooray for new babies and new moms and hooray for you and your boys going up and being “there” for them.

  2. We don’t have such a group….we get to meet the ‘new’ moms at our local meetings at night, but no such Mom’s group. I so wish we had that [and I wish we had more babies born with Ds, as our area seems to be one that is so lacking in that stat].

    Awe, new babies…what a treat!

  3. I think the very best thing about yesterday was being in a room of children and adults for whom DS was a regular part of life. The kids (the school had early-out so there were a lot of older siblings there, too) all played, the moms talked, and I got to hold some of the sweetest babies. It was terrific.

    The conversation was, in some ways, different than in my first mommy’s groups–talk of blood draws and TNI and dry skin–but in other ways, completely familiar–sleep deprivation, the challenge of balancing life, how to know what’s best for your kids…maybe this deserves it’s own post!

  4. A scary time with a special baby and not feeling the ground under your feet. Until you realize your baby is yours and yours alone and is not defined by tests and scans and measurements. And that he just needs to be loved.

    I wish I had someone like all of you to teach me this earlier. Keep up the good work.


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