The Barnes & Noble Storytime


Thiry-five people (or so) were at the B&N in Missoula Saturday, to promote awareness and acceptance of school children with Down syndrome.

Tom read from his book, One Good Horse, which is about, in part, becoming Avery’s father, and I read two children’s books, including My Friend Isabelle, which is a sweet story about friendship and inclusion.

In his opening remarks, Tom told of meeting Steve Riggio almost a year ago, when he was in NYC for a Discover Great New Writer’s event. He and Mr. Riggio spent a few minutes talking about books and writing and life.

What struck Tom looking back on it later, was that they didn’t talk about the one thing they had in common–they were both fathers of children with Down syndrome. A few years earlier, it would have been the first thing out of Tom’s mouth. But that day in NYC it never came up, because by then, Tom had come to understand that Down syndrome is only a part of life, it’s not all there is to life. And events like today’s storytime, or the annual Buddy Walk, helped him find this perspective.

9 thoughts on “The Barnes & Noble Storytime

  1. I actually just googled after reading Jennifer’s posting about the event they went to in Montana–I landed on the NDSS site at this article:

    Next month, March 21st, they are having Jason Kingsley and Mitchell Levitz, authors of Count Me In.

    If you go to and click the link “find an in-store event near you” that should give you the info, too!

  2. Jennifer, Thanks so much for this posting–I had no idea about the B&N events, and hadn’t even heard of Steve Riggio or his daughter Melissa. And as it turns out, we’re going to the event 2/19 in NYC!

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