Avery eating peas

He’s the last child at the dining room table, and last thing on his plate: a small pile of peas.

“Eat your peas, A. E.,” I say.

He looks at me, lips pressed closed, thin and tight.

“One bite. One bite and you’re done.”

No fork, no spoon, no knife. Just two fingers–index and thumb. Pinky raised delicately in the air. One pea, into his mouth.

He signs “all done.”

No, I sign back. More. More-more.

He takes another single pea, then another. All done?


Another and another, until the small pile of peas is halved.

All done, I say.

Avery smiles, and out roll the peas, each one round and whole, intact, not even chewed.


26 thoughts on “Avery eating peas

  1. OK Jen….don’t know how I missed this post the first time around (I just read it yesterday for 1st time), but it has finally been the one to make me throw my hat into the blog ringl (u know I’ve been on the sidelines).

    So moved was I by this delightful narrative and visual that I had the best dream in recent memory last night…I was back in highschool in Philadelphia, waiting for a big crew race (my heat was last), and I was with Avery at an underground pizza/disco joint on a busy road. He and I had peas under our tongues the whole time AND we were managing to eat Pizza and dance and show off. We had the best time, and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I shall never eat peas the same way!

  2. Oh, I so know this child!

    Eric just waves his hand dimissively when asked to do things, like consume peas, that are obviously beneath his dignity. “Talk to the hand”.

  3. Ha Ha – I know exactly what you mean although thankfully peas and broccoli are about the only veges I can get Hannah to eat. Kit on the other hand prefers fruit and vegetables to meat – between them they have a very balanced diet.

  4. lol!!! That is too cute!!! Paige believes that a meal consists of the amount of food she can shove in her mouth all at one time.

    Perhaps I’d be thinner if I followed her philosophy!!

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