Rebecca from Always Chaos Around Here

is taking a blogging break, but has these links to share:

She found a new website called About Down Syndrome, which provides lists, facts and links and is maintained by a mom of eight, who is a registered nurse. Her youngest child is a boy with Down syndrome.

The second link is to the web diary of Andrew Bartlett, a Democratic senator from Queensland and member of the Australian parliament, who writes about the importance of community attitudes and support in this post.

And also, even though she’s on break, Rebecca has left up her blogroll, which is the most complete listing of bloggers writing about life with Down syndrome, at Always Chaos Around Here. If you read even a little bit about Down syndrome, you’re told that it can occur in any family, anywhere in the world. Rebecca’s blogroll is real-life proof of this: the list includes families of all kinds, from all walks of life, at all points of the compass. It’s amazing. Thanks Rebecca!


8 thoughts on “Rebecca from Always Chaos Around Here

  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Jennifer! Rebecca is awesome! Isn’t it great to see that looooong list of bloggers? This is such a great way to stay connected and share our different perspectives.

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