Peas, revisited

The new header is for all the pea-lovers out there. (There must be a few?)

And if you’re wondering, What’s with all the peas? Go here.

12 thoughts on “Peas, revisited

  1. Oh, I love peas, and grow them in our gardens…….and there is a funny thing about peas growing in a garden and young children….very few ever make it into the house to be prepared for a meal….they are just eaten throughout the day, as they play…they seem to find their way to the garden and fill their little bellies with those delectable, green little balls!

  2. Beautiful photo! It makes me miss my veggie garden, which we left behind when we moved last year.

    Eli loves peas. Evan prefers the strained variety!

  3. Stunning. I must admit that I share Avery’s aversion to them. So, I cannot really expect my kids to eat them either. But they sure are pretty!

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