Karen, from Lion and Magic Boy

has a post up at Strollerderby called, “New Hope for Down syndrome?” that looks at the tough question, would we change our kids, if we could?

The recent news story about pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) raises the question, but to me, it’s still very hypothetical. I’m not just interested in what affects any new treatment might have in the short-term; I’d want to know the long-term results, too.


3 thoughts on “Karen, from Lion and Magic Boy

  1. I agree, Suz. I’ve been thinking about this, and I don’t know what I’d want changed about Avery. I mean, if he came to me someday and said, I wish I could remember stuff better, or I wish I could learn calculus, then I’d look into it. But what I’d rather do, is help him with his strengths, of which he has many.

    Society needs to change, not our kids…

  2. I heard about this study at the World Down Syndrome Congress last August. The Neurobiologist from Stanford cautioned that the substance used to treat the mice is nowhere near close to being even tested on humans.

    I guess what makes me think there is avlue in this study is that this is not a cure for Down syndrome. Ridiculous “cures” have been trotted out over the years and I’m wary of them. But this might help Aaron learn better by reducing the effect of too many inhibitors in his brain.

    But taking steriods will help my 13 year old play better basketball, too. And it is that worth the inherent risks involved? And yes, my teenager’s life would be ‘easier’ if he was a top notch basketball player, had his college paid for an eventually played for the NBA. But at what cost?

    I think money would be better spent advocating and lobbying for our kids. Really, I think SOCIETY has the problem, not people with disabilities.

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