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Dr. Len Leshin, who maintains the website and is father to a son with DS, has this to say about the Standford research on PTZ:

“I did see this. This goes along with an earlier study by Dr. Mobley at Stanford Univ. back in 2004 regarding GABA antagonists in a mouse model of DS.
There are two concerns here. First, the use of pentylenetetrazole, which is used currently only to produce seizures in mice. It has been unavailable for human use in the US for about 20 years due to the side effect of increased seizures in humans, and people with DS are more likely to suffer seizures than the general population. Hopefully a different GABA antagonist can be found. Second, past experience has shown that drugs that potentiate learning in mice don’t translate well to humans. It will take, unfortunately, another 10 to 15 years before this research can be useful to people with DS.”

Thanks to moderator Emdad at for posting Dr. Leshin’s reply.


6 thoughts on “More on PTZ

  1. I love your enthusiasm, Noelle. And it’s true, most things that benefit our kids have happened because of parent support and enthusiasm and going that extra mile, when no one else would.

    I didn’t take Dr. Leshin’s response as negative; rather, like you said, cautious. I think when looking at biochemical processes in the brain, particularly, caution isn’t a bad thing. But I’m not familiar with the other studies you refer to regarding him–you might have more information there than I do.

    I agree that Stanford is terrific, and we are lucky to have such a reknown institution working on behalf of our kids!

  2. Thanks for posting this Jennifer. It seems to me though, that Dr. Leshin is often on the Negative/Non-optimistic side of things when it comes to Research and Nutritional Intervention. He is like many Dr’s when it comes to his outlook. Instead of saying, “this won’t be availale for another 10-15 years”, why can’t he say: “This particular drug hasn’t worked well in humans in the past, however this is exciting information and it is only a matter of time before they get closer and closer to finding the right kind of drug interaction!” This sort of Negativity(Some might argue cautiousness) outrages me. After all, we ARE what we THINK. And if we all THINK it, IT CAN BECOME IT! This is The Truth! Thank goodness ther is Stanford, because I know that Dr. Leshin has spent a lot of time arguing why things don’t work, instead of finding New things that do! Just my Opinion!

  3. thanks for posting Dr Leshin’s reply – the whole thing is very interesting, but I belive Dr L is right in that this won’t be available for another 10-15 yrs, if then, and it sounds like there is still a lot of research to be done.

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