Avery, the photographer


is taking a picture of Lindsay Gjerde, who is also a photographer. Lindsay is a student at the University of Montana and she’s completing a photojournalism project called, “Living with Down syndrome.”

The project is in honor of her sister and brother-in-law, who are expecting their first child, a beautiful baby with Down syndrome.


21 thoughts on “Avery, the photographer

  1. THat is a great photo – although I hope she got a couple where his gorgeous face is on show too! THe photoessay solunds like a fabulous idea.

  2. We got Meg a wee digital camera for Christmas. She’s having so much fun with it, even if 95% of the pictures are blurred at the moment. Every now and again she captures something really nice

  3. I remember when we gave Kellen a camera and let him go to town. When I got the pictures developed, we had so much fun! He took some very *unconventional* shots. The inside of the fireplace, the dogs back, my brother-in-law from the moustache down. They were awesome! …and totally from his perspective.

  4. Dear Jennifer –

    Avery has certainly warmed our hearts as we follow Lindsay’s progress with her essay. I had a good chuckle about your pea story.

    I am sure I will come back to this site often to continue to gain knowledge about Down’s Syndrome.

    We are anxiously waiting to welcome home our first grandson, Deagan. I am very proud of both of my daughters, Nikki, Deagan’s soon to be mom, and Lindsay for picking Down’s Syndrome for her essay. I hope you have experienced Lindsay’s warmth and caring as you allow her to experience a part of your family life. I thank you for that.

    Lindsay’s mom.

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