Sweet sleep

Every morning Avery wakes early, gets himself out of bed, opens the door to the room he shares with his brothers, scoots down the hall, opens the door to Tom’s and my bedroom, and climbs up into bed between us.

He’s very quiet; so quiet that I barely notice his arrival. Until he falls back asleep again, in the middle of the big bed, covers pulled up tight beneath his chin, and he begins to snore.

It’s a strong, clear, loud sound. It’s rhythmic and predictable; if I wanted to, I could probably fall back asleep. But I don’t. Instead, I listen to the sound of Avery’s breathing. Here is a boy who once, a while ago, would sometimes forget to breathe, a condition called apnea of prematurity. Here is a boy whom I spent late nights praying over as I held him, please please let him breathe. And here is a boy, now breathing so strongly beside me in the early dawn.

The sound of Avery’s snoring is, to me, the most beauiful sound in the world and I don’t want to sleep through it. Instead, I listen, and watch the light change outside, and think about how far we’ve come, and I say a new prayer: thank you.


11 thoughts on “Sweet sleep

  1. Oh yes, I cherish those snores as well. I sat by Evan’s isolette and cried when they took him off the vent, just sat there, listened to his breathing and cried. This is lovely.

  2. Love this post! Heart and apnea monitors were a part of our lives at one time. Thanks for reminding me why I LOVE hearing my boys snore and talk in their sleep.

  3. It is so good to think back with gratitude on how far we’ve come.
    I hope Avery still sneaks into your bed for many years to come…. : )

  4. There’s a name for that? And here I was thinking all this time that Eric was the only one who forgot to breathe. I remember waiting, waiting, hoping, for that next breath, willing him to breathe, just breathe.

    And now I cannot stand to sleep in a room where he’s not, and I often simply listen to his breathing, such a sweet soft sound.

  5. Oh, I love this post. I feel the same way when I hear Evan’s little heart thumping away in his chest.

    I’ll say a “thank you” too.

  6. Going through what you have with Avery I can just imagine how much you savor listening to the sound of his breathing and snoring. And what a beautiful sound that must be now!

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