About Tom

A week ago, newspaper reporter Vince Devlin, and photographer Kurt Wilson, spent the day with my husband Tom. The result is this Sunday’s Territory feature in the Missoulian,Sharing secrets: Writer reveals the triumphs, disappointments of life’s journey

Thanks to Vince and Kurt for making the experience a good one. I’m proud of you, Tom!

12 thoughts on “About Tom

  1. Now it’s for sure, at some point in my life I will have to get out to your little spot on earth! And, yes, my next surf tonight is to Amazon to get your husband’s book! I resonated already with just the little bit of it from the article. I am thinking you both are remarkable people even before I’ve picked up your books. That says a lot. Thanks.

  2. AND the article inspired me to buy Tom’s ‘one good horse’ book – and ship it all the way to my ex-husband’s wife (long story) in Germany! (She’s a true horse lover).

  3. You never know how these stories are going to turn out, do you? But I think it is a hopeful, well written piece. The writer did a good job of capturing the ‘human’ element of the story – a rarity in newspapers today.

    But of course how could he go wrong with his subject matter!

  4. Avery and Bennett are June 8 birthdays…close to Kayla’s!

    I can’t help but speak up for Avery…he is very shy, as are all my boys, and there was no way he would show off his walking, which is a new skill, to strangers. But he can walk! He just chose not to, that day.

    I feel silly for wanting to defend him, but I do!

  5. I just got done reading the article – it was very well written! I’m really looking forward to reading the books!

    I didn’t realize Avery and Kayla were so close in age…when is Avery’s bday? Kayla will be 4 on July 15.

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