Can someone explain this to me?

It’s a cold, rainy day, which is perfect weather for making cookies (come to think of it, any weather is perfect for making cookies). These are the ones we bake, and while they are cooling, the little boys take naps.

Avery wakes first, and asks for a cookie.

I get him one.

He shakes his head, no.

I give him a different one.

Again, no.

I ask, what do you want?

Cookie, he signs.

I take the plate from the counter and lower it, so he can see it. He smiles. He nods yes. He signs thank you, then he, very carefully, chooses a cookie.

Which happens to be the exact cookie I gave him in the first place.


12 thoughts on “Can someone explain this to me?

  1. The Biscuit has this same type of control issue. He ended up staying in the hospital one extra day because of a very mild fever (he’s teething, hello people!) and because he wasn’t eating well. Um, yeah, he’s teething and wants to be sitting up in his high chair feeding himself. Once we got home and no one was trying to spoon food into his mouth it was completely obvious that he wasn’t rejecting food he was rejecting a grown up choosing bites and putting them in his face. Sigh. If they had tried to keep him one more day I think I would have suggested they bring him a high chair! One more thing to remember if there ever is a next trip…

    Of course, at home this means that Mommy-chosen bites frequently get thrown to the floor. Luckily my mom is our landlord and has stated that he can do whatever he wants to her carpet!

  2. Maybe he doesn’t trust you to choose it and wants to examine all possible alternatives so he can make sure he got the best one? I’m kidding — he just wants to enjoy the choosing himself.

    Mmm… now I want cookies.

  3. Great sign of independence! Meg will always rather do things herself than have help. Which, frankly, is a pain in the arse when you’re trying to get her ready for school, are in a rush, and she insists on zipping up her jacket herself. However, it’s all for the good in the long term 🙂

  4. Such a wonderful spirit of independence – my Hannah would definitely have taken the whole plate – I know she understands ‘one’ because she likes to help herself to goodies and I always have to remind her “Just one Hannah!”.

  5. Ah, yes, thank you. I thought it was an attempt to drive me crazy! I should have seen the toddler independence. And really, if he’d taken the whole plate, I would have understood it better. Like mother, like son. 🙂

  6. I thought he was going to take the whole plate from your hands 🙂 Sounded like he wanted to be the one to chose the cookie, even if it was the first one you offered him!

  7. Well, Mom, Mr. Independence wants to do it himself. Eli does that all the time…he pushes your hand away and says “Eli do it……”.

    Thanks for the recipe……!

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