Carter says,

“This is what I noticed: when Avery hugs you, he pats you on the back. It’s like a bonus. I think we all should do that.”


19 thoughts on “Carter says,

  1. Our Biscuit will do that. He knows 3 hugs: big hugs that come with big strong squeezes, little hugs that come with pats like you describe, and tickle hugs. He has yet to give a tickle hug, but he sure does know how to ask for them.

    I have suspected that as he gets older he will start knowing when others need hugs, so it is really interesting to me to hear that there are kids out there who do. Right now we call him a joiner. He wants to take a hug/kiss/snuggle of any kind from one person and pass it on to another. So if Dad kisses him, he wants to pass it on to me. Not so good during cold and flu season, but who can deny him? Very sweet.

    It’s nice to come read this and the comments others have left on a day when he was full of saying “no!” and signing “more music” over and over and over. Our cup is more than half full, it’s just hard to remember sometimes.

  2. Jennifer this post still is in my mind…
    As a sib, I have to congratulate you on what a beautiful expression you wrote of Carter and the sweet way you acknowledged him. Especially to be acknowledged for seeing the beauty in his world. He has the gift of Avery and the gift of you as a mother to acknowledge his skills too. It isn’t easy to live in the shadows as a sibling but it is a good place to be, a wise place to be, and an honorable place to be. I say it is a shadow because I really think they outshine all of us in the ability to love. In my experience, I say what a sweet shadow to be in. I hope the same for Carter.

  3. Eric does that too! I wonder where he learned it….. He also knows who needs a hug, sometimes people he never met before do. What a wonderful quality to possess.

  4. Ahh yesss! acknowledging the gifts. I love it. I love it. I want to tell the world. Our wonderful people are gifted. As Jennifer knows, it is a big pet peeve of mine that many “experts”, who have good intentions, want to move them closer to the center, closer to the “average” person, closer to “normal”. Personally, I think many times it is a downshift for our socially gifted people. Praise and praise for you to share these moments with all of us. I am here to say, I know for sure, they have gifts beyond the “average”! May they continue to shine and continue be patient with us.

  5. Suz, you understand! Avery KNOWS who needs a hug. When I try to tell people this, they say, “Oh, kids with Down syndrome are so loving…” and they completely miss my point. He has an ability here, one you see Aaron demonstrating too!

  6. Cool thing for Carter to notice. Cool thing for Avery to do.

    Aaron makes people who don’t like each other hug. It is the weirdest thing. We had my estranged MIL over on Sunday and it was a big Aaron-encouraged hug-a-thon in the front porch. He just knows…

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