I’m ok!

I suppose every family has one: a child with no fear. At our house, it’s Bennett. He’s brave, he’s bold, he’s the child I bet will cause our next trip to the emergency room.

He likes to slide, to climb, to race, to jump. He even seems to like falling; after each loud crash, I hear him say, “I’m ok!”

I don’t know how this custom began. I imagine it started after the hundredth time I rushed over to him and asked, “Are you ok?” He now saves me a step by answering the question before I ask it. It’s not a bad habit to have: periodically taking stock, a quick once-over, reassuring yourself that yes, I’m ok!

And I’m no longer sure who he’s answering. Sometimes, I know he’s telling me he’s okay; other times, I think he’s telling himself. As his skills grow, so does his capacity for creating increasingly complicated situations. I think he surprises even himself.

I’ve always believed a child’s first words are prophetic. Carter’s first word was “mama,” Avery’s wasn’t a word, but an entire phrase, “Iluvyou,” and Bennett?

His first word was “WOW!” followed closely by, “weehaaa!”


8 thoughts on “I’m ok!

  1. LOLOL BOYS! I swear they have no fear, Nathaniel is the same way! All my grey hair is from the day he started walking :p

  2. That child would be my McCall. It wasn’t five minutes after we had told her to quit playing ‘tightrope’ with the arms of the chairs that she fell off one and broke her arm.

    Makes you want to just duct tape them all to the wall.

  3. I wanted to thank you for being the first to respond and comment on my site. I think it really helped break the ice for others to respond too.

    Big ((HUGS)) for you, Carter, Avery and Bennett 🙂

  4. I just had to laugh because Kayla does almost the same thing! Anytime she would drink to fast, or eat and it goes down the wrong way, and she would start coughing we would always ask her “are you ok?” She would respond “kay” even sometimes while still coughing. Then it got to be where she would cough and say “kay” before we could ask her. She’s turned it around on us now. Whenver we cough, or even sneeze for that matter, she’ll say “kay mommy/daddy? ok?” and you better answer yes or she’ll keep asking! LOL

    Kids are so funny!

  5. My daughter, Owen, does that, too. For the first two years of her life she was fearless and when she’d fall, she would take a minute to assess and then say “I’m ok,” (sometime through tears). As she nears three, however, she’s more cautious. I’m not sure why this has developed. As much as it frightened me, I kind of miss her gutsyness.

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