Today is World Down Syndrome Day


and the theme is “Celebrating Diversity”, chosen by Down Syndrome International (DSI), a federation of international organizations and individuals committed to all people with Down syndrome.

World Down Syndrome Day events are planned in Singapore, the UK, Israel, France/Europe, Malaysia, Nepal, Sweden, Oman, Poland and the United States.

Today’s date, 3/21, is significant because people with Down syndrome have 3 chromosomes at the 21st position. For this reason, Down syndrome is also referred to as Trisomy-21. To learn more about Down syndrome, go here.

In honor of today, here’s this:

3 Things I am grateful for:
my family, the blogging community, the opportunity to write my book

2 Things that inspire me:
good writing, springtime

1 Thing I wish everyone knew:
life with a child with Down syndrome is something to celebrate.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!


19 thoughts on “Today is World Down Syndrome Day

  1. A great opportunity to celebrate the wonders that that extra chromosome can bring to many people. Happy World DS Day. I hope your twins have as much fun as mine did at their ‘tea for T21’ tea party.

  2. Not mommy to a child living with DS, but the mommy of 3 special purpose boys nonetheless.

    Happy celebration. Our special children ARE a glorious reason to celebrate.

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