I’m packing raincoats and rubber boots

in case the weather is bad, and kites and plastic buckets and shovels if the weather is good, because we are taking off for a week’s vacation to the Oregon coast. If we’re lucky, we’ll spot the gray whales migrating from Mexico to Alaska for the summer.

I haven’t seen the Pacific Ocean since I was a girl. I told my Dad I’m afraid it won’t be as big as I remember it; he said it’s bigger. As an adult, he said, I’ll be able to see farther, and appreciate it more. I hope he’s right.

In any case, while I’m away, you might take a virtual vacation, by visiting some of my favorite far-away bloggers. Christina writes about life in Austria at Prince Vince Meets the World; Nelba gives us a taste of life in South Africa at Chocolachillie; Suzanne is in Japan, writing Gaijin Mama; Shelley writes Shamptons from her home in Sydney, Australia; Jo writes Sheena Time from Australia, too; and Ramblings of the Bearded One comes to us from Kim in Scotland.

And now, we’re off!

20 thoughts on “I’m packing raincoats and rubber boots

  1. My cousin lives on the Oregon coast….it is so enchanting. I believe the ocean will be bigger than you remember, as you will be seeing it this time, not only through your eyes, but through the eyes of your children.


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