Lotsa stuff going on…


Barbara Curtis of Mommy Life has posted a call for mother/child photographs. She’s looking for images of mothers and babies/children with Down syndrome to include in a photo montage she’s putting together to celebrate Mother’s Day. For more info, go here.

There’s also a new Special Needs Mama column up at Literary Mama by Vicki Forman. It’s about the special needs mama’s diaper bag; I should say that we don’t have a diaper bag anymore, I’ve slowly moved all our things into a cloth back pack, or sometimes a giant leather purse. In either, I can carry a diaper or two, a small bag of wipes, matchbox cars, crayons and paper, a few lollipops (which are not bribes but rewards, according to Suz), Ibuprophen for myself, keys, wallet, and that’s about it. Certainly, it wasn’t always this way, and Vicki’s column reminds me of those earlier days.

And there’s a new post up at the Gifts blog by Michelle Adams of Snippets, who has a great talent for digital scrapbooking. She’s done a terrific page for her son Matthew, and in the journaling, she’s given words to what so many of us feel our children would say, if given the chance.

And last but not least, Lovely and Amazing’s Emily Elizabeth has a Grains of Gratitude post that includes so much good information, and beautifully articulates so many of the feelings that come with parenting a child with Down syndrome. It’s a moment of thanks, a call to unite, and a parent’s manifesto all at once.

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