I’m building the resource section for my book, and I am wondering: what’s the best way to organize it?

I could do everything by category (book, magazine, DVD) and then alphabetize it; (which is clear, straightforward and very easy for me)


I could create categories by topic, like PT, OT, ST, etc., and then include all media that fits in the category; (which would be helpful, I think, to new parents who might not know what to even begin looking for. The problems: many books have overlapping information, like one chapter on PT, one on OT, etc. And same for videos, etc. )


I could do both.

If you were (are) a sleep-deprived, busy new parent, which would be most helpful to you? (And thanks for your thoughts, I am really in a muddle over this one!)


12 thoughts on “Help?

  1. Most people would probably want to source your references and therefore both the media as well as the topic would be helpful. But I’m sure there is a way of listing resources that would show the media type as well, so you only need to worry about topics.

    If you are doing a general index at the back, it may be a good starting point for your topical index.

  2. I think I vote for option A, by media type. Everyone knows the difference between a book and a DVD; not everyone knows (or is willing to figure out) the topics. Also I think you’ll be repeating yourself a lot if you do the topic thing.

    I would have loved a comprehensive list of web sites. Are you putting that?

    A little review or descriptive blurb of each would help, too.

  3. I think it would have been helpful to have a book with categories in obvious language such as: teeth, walking, hands, skin care, nursing, talking, heart, etc. I can’t be the only person who thought occupational therapy had something to do with job training!

    Anything that you do will be enormously helpful!


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