Today is National Siblings Day

And Carter writes:

“I love my brothers very much. I have one who’s wild and can run and play wild with me. His name is Bennett. I have one who is cuddly, and good for playing patty-cake and walking and I can hug him. His name is Avery. And that’s all I have to say.”

Also, here’s a story of friendship and inclusion, written by Alana Listoe of the Helena Independent Record. Thanks to Sandy for the link!


11 thoughts on “Today is National Siblings Day

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  2. I hope Eli can come to appreciate his brother…right now he’s not loving him so much. But, he’s about to turn two, and he’s not loving much of anything these days!

    That was a great article, by the way…thanks for the link. I hope for such acceptance for all our kids when the time comes. That’s one of my greatest fears for Evan: that he won’t be included and appreciated.

  3. I have a sister and two brothers. We all live far away from one another but when we talk we all remember what it’s like to be from the same family. With my sister I talk about our kids, clothes and her trips. With my younger brother we talk about kids, his job and politics. With my older brother we talk about my kids and his trips. Me? I mostly just listen…. 😉

  4. I have two sisters. One I can talk to about cooking, the enviornment, spirituality and life. One I can kid around with and tease about her numerous trips to Vegas and the color of her hair. I love them both, too, Carter. And that’s all I have to say, too. Thanks.

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