Gifts at 20% Off


Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives, edited by Kathryn Lynard Soper (Woodbine House, 2007), is a collection of personal writing by 63 mothers of children with Down syndrome, with a foreword by Martha Sears, also mother to a child with Down Syndrome.

Here’s an excerpt from my essay in Gifts, “First Words”:

When Avery was first diagnosed, we were told many things, mostly about how hard our life would be, how difficult. He was presented to us as a set of complications. What they left out was Avery. No one told me how beautiful he would be. No one told me how sensitive he would be. No one told me he would hug me with his whole body, wrapping arms and impossibly nimble legs around me at once, such a strong embrace. No one factored in love.

If you’d planned to preorder a copy, the book is on sale from now until May 1 here.


8 thoughts on “Gifts at 20% Off

  1. Love your excerpt. Yeah, they forget to tell you the important stuff when they’re explaining your special child to you…the good stuff. 🙂

  2. I believe the whole impetus behind creating the book was to make something that would give new parents hope, and a glimpse into the future, maybe, of lives of families whose children are cherished.

  3. Excellent! No, no, I won’t have you go to the trouble of mailing (THANKS THOUGH) – I can certainly wait and hit a Barnes and Noble when we are in Portland…

    I’d like to buy a few copies for our own Society’s library…and I’d also like to consider the book for inclusion in our new parent packages that we give out…

    Do you think that would be a good use of the book? For brand new parents?

  4. Suz, you can have it shipped to me and I can send it to you; I could do that for any Woodbine House titles you might need. It’s too bad they don’t ship to Canada!

    The book will also be available through Barnes & Noble; the release date is early May.

  5. Crud, Woodbine won’t ship to Canada (common tale of woe for us Canadians). Is the book being sold anywhere else?

    Otherwise, I can pick it up when we are in your fine country in the summertime…any idea where it will be sold in retail stores?

    ps. I love your excerpt. I was just telling my new family physician (who delivers babies) yesterday: ‘The medical system treats our newborn babies as tragedies. The fact is, ALL babies should be celebrated!’ I hope she heard me…

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