Bless You

At our house, a sneeze is met with a chorus of “Bless You”s. It’s a habit, I suppose, one that makes me stop whatever I’m doing and think, yes, bless us all.

Lately, Avery has begun to fake-sneeze. After a round of “Bless You”s, I’ll hear a little “achoo”, and the blessings start all over again. I don’t mind; in fact, Avery’s new game doubles the number of “Bless You”s flying around the house. With so many of them in the air, I feel blessed, indeed.


11 thoughts on “Bless You

  1. That is too funny, Lukas does the same thing! It is adorable. And thank you also (I am pretty sure it was you!) for mailing the Gifts book to me! I love it and can’t wait to read it and pass it on.

    Oh, I just read some comments…Lukas also does the fake cry, and the fake grumpy face, and then he cracks up…I guess he isn’t alone!

  2. Suz, I would love it. What a party that would be! And so far, Avery has limited himself to the fake sneezes. I suppose the fake tears will come soon (we used to call the crocodile tears, I don’t know why). Boo hoo!

  3. Ha, that’s too funny. Aaron does the fake cough, fake sneeze, fake cry, fake owie. He’s got quite the repetoire.

    He also now gets jokes. I asked him if Sam (the dog) turned off the TV. He first looked at me with a second of confusion, and then laughed and laughed. Ditto when I asked him if he wanted to drink my shoe (his ‘juice’ sounds like ‘shoe). I’m sure he peed his pants, he was laughing so hard.

    We should get the two boys together for an afternoon of rolicking laughter!

    (Note to readers: no, kids with Down syndrome are not happy ALL THE TIME, contrary to what this comment may imply).

  4. We have a mixed family. I say “bless you”, my husband says “gesundheit” Kellen prefers gesundheit. He is in a multicultural classroom in high school and everyone gets a kick out of it when he says “gesundheit”. It almost makes them want to sneeze again!

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