Special needs mama Vicki Forman

has a new column up at Literary Mama called “Bravery and Fear.” In it, she writes about caring for her son Evan:

My son hates to have his teeth brushed or his nails trimmed. Each is a struggle that results in violent cries and tears; both require that he be pinned down, either between my legs or with someone else holding him while I do the job. What I know is this: when it’s time to put Evan into a human straight jacket, mama knows best.

Thankfully, my kids are mostly cooperative when it comes to cutting nails and hair and even taking medicine. But there’s one instance when I feel like the Big Bad Mom: slivers. We have an old, weathered porch, and each summer someone inevitably gets a splinter of wood embedded in a little knee, or a tender heel, or a tiny toe. And it always falls to me to remove it.

To read more of Vicki’s column, go here.

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