I took a walk today, for the first time in a long while. A landscape that was once all shades of white, is now green. Blades of grass, tips of evergreens, the tiny buds on the Oregon grape. Green shoots in the underbrush, green moss hugging tree branches. Everywhere I look, green.

It was as if the woods were a friend of mine, one I hadn’t seen in too long, with a fresh haircut and a new dress.

Hello, you!


7 thoughts on “Green

  1. Thanks Jennifer for your writing. You make the simple things drip with a thick necter of wonderful detail. You help me slow down and notice. thanks for the great reminders!

  2. It’s been spring here for a while now, and I can still see the newness of it all, but just barely. Enjoy the moment…we’ll be swatting mosquitoes and sweating buckets before we know it!

  3. Ahhh babies. I wanna hold a baby! My friend Bonnie and my sister each had babies on the same day…but they are far away. I have empty arms. The last baby I held was the lovely Grace, about a month ago.

    (And thanks for the tip Noelle, I emailed you!)

  4. I noticed the exact same thing this morning on the trees outside my house as I was waving goodbye to my husband and daughter (our morning ritual — waving-as-they-fade-into-the-distance goodbye). It made me so HAPPY. Nothing like new life. AND I got to hold a new baby yesterday. Wonderful.

  5. I read your post, I love the story you wrote! Have you seen “The Secret”? I highly recommend watching it. It is really powerful. You would probably love it! 🙂 Noelle

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