Down syndrome

Blogging Against Disablism Day


A conversation with Carter, 8-years-old, about his brother Avery, 4-years-old, who has Down syndrome:

Me: How is Avery different from you and me and Daddy and Bennett?

Carter: He has Down syndrome.

Me: How is Avery the same?

Carter: He’s a brother. He likes to hug, everyone likes to hug in our family. He likes chocolate milk. He likes the computer. He likes playing, and brownies. He likes to dig in the garden. He loves our family.

Me: Which is bigger, the thing that’s different, or the things that are the same?

Carter: I’d say, the things that are the same. There’s many more of them and they are more important to me.

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By jennifergg

I am a writer, a reader and a chaser-afterer of my blue dog Sam. Pinwheels is my blog about life with Down syndrome.

13 replies on “Blogging Against Disablism Day”

What a beautiful conversation. Thank you for sharing it.

And thank you as well for the link in your previous post. Nelba has many hearts holding her because she shared her heart with so many.

I have a disability and also have a 10 year old nephew with a disability. He and his brother feel exactly the same way 🙂

He is one smart cookie!
Did you do the blog entry about the wedding of someone famous who had his 9 year old son with DS in the wedding? I read it recently but can not remember where…

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