I’m the biggest hypocrite I know


It’s Thursday already! This week’s “A Little More” post is about illness, sign language and preconceived opinions. It’s up at ParentDish, here.


6 thoughts on “I’m the biggest hypocrite I know

  1. Once again, you notice, you learn and you grow. Amazing! I hope sweet Avery is fast on the mend!

  2. Strep is just foul isn’t it? I agree with your sentiments re the drs and we do need reminding about it but still have to say that some of our apprehension is based on past experiences!

  3. Brava, Bella.

    Here’s a toast to all the health professionals who see our kids as ‘kids first’.

    To the ENT doc who pretended there was a bunny in Aaron’s ear. To my pediatrician who sits down on the floor to speak to Aaron. To our beloved pediatrician who passed away two years ago – for she was the first person to say to us: ‘Congratulations, you have a beautiful baby.’

    Thank you for helping me remember all those people.
    Let’s put away our advocacy and fighting for a while and take the time to thank them for their kindness.

  4. Oh, Jennifer, just wonderful! My heart broke a little when I read this. I’m not sure why. I don’t know if it was for your sweet boy, or for you, or for myself. Maybe everyone. That last bit was really powerful. I’ll be thinking about this one a while.

  5. I find myself preparing a defense in the same way before seeing new docs, which we’ll do again tomorrow. I just want to be ready when they start to minimize or dismiss issues that I know need to be considered. Kudos to your ER doc. When I have a good experience, and we’ve thankfully had many, I always convey my thanks on the surveys that come after every hospital visit. Don’t know if it makes it back to the right people, but I hope so.

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