Me, me, me

I’ve been tagged by Jen to share “7 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Me” so here goes:

1. I’m a blackbelt in karate.
2. I can speak or read seven languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, English, Latin, Sanskrit).
3. I love to stand on my head, and do this often in order to relax.
4. My first word, as a child, was bologna.
5. I once competed in a bodybuilding contest.
6. My favorite color is brown.
7. None of this stuff is true! I made it all up, because after spending the last year working on my book, I am very, very sick of myself. I guess you could call this my first attempt at fiction, and boy does it feel good! (With all due apologies to everyone who expected me to tell the truth; did the Sanskrit give it away, even a little bit?)

I tag Suz, Vicki, Jessica, Michelle, Dream Mom, Kathy and Amy.


19 thoughts on “Me, me, me

  1. I was so impressed with your language ability I didn’t get any further, LOL! And no, the sanskrit didn’t give it away…I was just thinking how brilliant you must be!

  2. The standing on your head often gave me pause. I just can’t imagine doing that with three young kids around– that wouldn’t be relaxing! LOL

  3. Very Funny. I was already in awe at the languages part!!!! I was thinking, wow, that’s amazing, I didn’t know sanskri was a language! I thought it was something to do with yoga. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. LOL!!! I was quite impressed! lol!!!! Now here is my challenge to you… experience 1,2,3 and 5 over the coarse of your lifetime!!! Then I can say “I knew a woman who……..” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    and I used to bodybuild [and even got to kiss ‘the Arnold’ when he was a young man coming over from his homeland after he won Mr. Universe. lol!!!!

  5. I think you’re Superwoman anyway, so none of this surprized me in the least. But I must say that I am relieved to find that you are more like me than like Superwoman:-).


  6. I should be truthful! Here are the real answers:

    1. I can’t do karate. I’m a little bit clutzy.
    2. I took French in high school with Monsieur Newmark and all I remember is, “Je m’appelle Jennifer.”
    3. I can’t stand on my head, refer to #1.
    4. I’m pretty sure my first word was not bologna.
    5. Nooooo to bodybuilding.
    6. I do like brown, but my favorite color is blue.
    7. I hope to be unsick of myself sometime soon…

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