Call for submissions

There’s been a change of line-up over at Literary Mama, and Dawn Friedman, formerly the editor of the OpEd columns, will now be taking over the Faces of Motherhood section.

She writes:

The column is for under-represented voices of motherhood. It’s for women who have been left out of the conversation — who are not June Cleaver, who may not have access to their children, whose ability to mother has been questioned or outright challenged. Think teen moms, first moms, moms without custody, moms who are poor, moms whose children have died, etc. etc. It’s to show that motherhood is diverse and highlight the inadequacies of our mothering stereotypes.

For submission guidelines, go here.


4 thoughts on “Call for submissions

  1. Sounds really cool! And you’ve described many of the single moms I was friends with while raising my daughter on my own. I was a teen mother, poor, no health insurance, etc. etc. It would have been nice to have a blog like this back in the 90’s! I’ll have to check it out at Literary Mama and its Faces of Motherhood section. I just started blogging and am blown away by all the interesting people out there typing away on their keyboards. I’d never heard of Literary Mama until just now. Thanks so much!

    1. Glad you liked the link! And I agree…I became a first-time mom in the late 90’s, and how I wished I had known about the online community. It was, of course, much smaller…but still. Such a wonderful way to find connection, and support. Enjoy, and welcome to blogging! xo

      Jennifer Graf Groneberg Road Map to Holland (NAL/Penguin)

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