More to think about


Kristen, who writes From Here to There and Back, nomintated me for a Thinking Blogger Award. In her post, she says Pinwheels helped “redefine the words special needs” for her. I think that’s about the nicest compliment anyone could give me. Thank you, Kristen.

I wrote a bit about the Thinking Blogger here, and so this time I’m going to do something different. Like others, I find it very hard to choose just a few (five, if you go by the suggestions) bloggers who make me think; every site on my blogroll has some unique, terrific aspect that I love and admire. Instead, I’m going to link to the five bloggers who inspired me to write Pinwheels:

1) Postcards from Holland; I began posting a bit at this group blog with the help of the site’s creator, Moreena. Despite her busy life, she answered all my hopeless, helpless questions, welcoming me into the blogosphere.

2) The Wait and the Wonder; Moreena’s current site. When I was just starting out, she wrote falling down is also a gift, both sites are full of love and beautiful writing.

3) Just a little bit of something extra; Rebecca’s new site filled with gorgeous photos of Miss E. When I began, Rebecca was writing Always Chaos Around Here, and she had an encouraging word for every silly question I sent her.

4) Queen Serene; the lovely Queen K writes about her family and her life with truth and strength. When I was thinking about writing a blog of my own, and wondering if I could do it, her enthusiasm helped me begin.

5) This Woman’s Work; Dawn Friedman’s blog about writing, mothering, and writing about mothering. Dawn’s a longtime blogger, and her posts are funny, insightful, helpful and inspiring. She’s also part of my welcoming committee, and never once made me feel like the newbie that I am.

So often, the way we begin an endeavor has a great impact on how we feel about it long after that initial start. Thanks to these five women for helping me begin blogging with open hearts and kind words; thanks too to Kristen, for helping me remember it.


4 thoughts on “More to think about

  1. Thank you!

    I feel terrible that I have let Postcards from Holland slide so much, although I do have an idea for a way to make it a useful place again. When I started it, blogging wasn’t quite as popular as it is today, and I thought making a place for a group to have an outlet would work best. Now it seems that it’s simply easier for everyone to maintain their own sites, with the exceptions of the fantastic places like Literary Mama and DotMoms.

    Maybe it will get up and going again, soon.

    Anyway, I’m so glad you jumped in with your beautiful, wonderful writing!

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