A story of brotherly love

Benjamin Strong, who is the father of a 4-year-old son with Down syndrome, and who was a firefighter/paramedic in the Baltimore area, sent this link to the Baltimore Sun. It’s the story of a 13-year-old boy who rushed back into a blazing house fire to save his brother, a 16-year-old who uses a wheelchair. The article describes their relationship of mutual love and friendship. (Warning: the fire does not have a happy outcome.)

I’m always heartened to read stories that show families working together, pulling for each other, loving each other. Especially families of children with special needs. I remember being a new mom to Avery, and feeling overwhelmed with information and statistics. One of the numbers that stuck in my mind was that my marriage was statistically likely to suffer; another worry I had was that my other children would suffer somehow, too. I’ve learned otherwise, of course.

(Thank you for the link! And Benjamin Strong, father of a 4-year-old son, meet B Strong of Down Syndrome Life, father of a 3-year-old daughter…)


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