I am the mother of sons

Thursday’s “A Little More” post at ParentDish includes, but is not limited to: baking bread, picking raspberries, tea parties, the burp alphabet, ballet, bath time, construction equipment and Down syndrome.

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6 thoughts on “I am the mother of sons

  1. I think sometimes us moms expect our daughters to be duplicates of ourselves.

    My own ten year old daughter is everything I’m not – athletic, sweatpants-wearing and graceful. She never ever let me fiddle with her hair or dress her in flower dresses. Sigh.

    I think my two boys are easier because I don’t have the expectation they will be ‘mini-sue’s’…oh, but the noise that comes with them! Full drumset playing, death metal playing (older son), screeching, pounding play hammers (younger son).

    Thanks for capturing your experience with boys so perfectly. It would take me MONTHS to craft such an articulate essay – you crank ’em out in days!


  2. Little boys are the best. Great post.

    And, Eli just got a tea set for his birthday, and out of all the presents, he’s played with it the most. Even though his dad insists we call it a coffee set!

  3. Beautiful as always Jennifer. You never know, one of your boys just may learn to knit. My cousin started his own knitting club in high school…of course it was started to meet girls. I guess there is always that “boy spin” on things.

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