More on prenatal testing

Beth Kohl’s OpEd piece at The Huffington Post, titled “The Down Side of Prenatal Information,” has my new favorite quote: “…messiness and miracle are so often intertwined.”

To read the complete post, go here.


3 thoughts on “More on prenatal testing

  1. Well said, astrophesuz! The more choice we have to perfect our offspring, the worse my daughter will fare in comparison, give me messy miracles over perfect clones! One of me is enough for the world!

  2. Thanks for the link – The article was well writtne and thought provoking – I agree – that quote of “messiness and miracles” is a good one.

  3. I like that she framed the story in the context of the ‘quest’ for the perfect baby.

    I have two other kids who do not have Down syndrome. They are far from perfect and I like it that way.

    I attended a nanotechnology session at our national conference. Now we have the ability to create super-humans, too. Technological and medical enhancements to our bodies and brains are coming down the pipes. Soon, us ‘typical’ people will be considered disabled too if we don’t have boob jobs, or laser eye surgery or artificial body parts.

    Hey, this is already happening!

    But when we have the ability to purchase computer chips for our brains, or life expectancy enhancing drugs, the people who are physically or intellectually disabled will be marginalized even more.

    Just because we have the technology, does that mean we should use it?

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