Thinking of the McMorris Rodgers Family

The news of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’s son Cole, and his diagnosis at one-month-old of Down syndrome, has been online for a few days.

I didn’t comment earlier, because I remember our diagnosis (at five days, for Avery) and our stay in the NICU (three weeks for Bennett, five for Avery). It was such a difficult time for our family; no words were the right ones. “Congratulations!” seemed hollow and unrealistic; “Deepest sympathy” made me mad. And I didn’t have what felt like our private, family news discussed all over the Internet.

But I’ve been thinking about this newborn mother.

I imagine when Rep. McMorris Rodgers entered public life, she knew it would require sacrifice. Certainly, that’s true now. Being mother to Cole has brought her into the media focus over issues many of us care deeply about; I wish her strength, and peace-of-mind, as she manages this new, unexpected role.


3 thoughts on “Thinking of the McMorris Rodgers Family

  1. I ditto what you wrote and I too hope she can find solace in her new “baby” and not rush into the diagnosis.
    In the future I am sure she will see what we all fight for today…but for now she needs time.

  2. Bravo, Jennifer.

    I, too, wish her peace and solitude to get to know her new baby without being pressured to be an advocate.

    I know I stayed ‘underground’ for a good five months with Aaron before reaching out to others. First I needed the support to get me to a place of strength – for a good two years – THEN I could speak up as an advocate for Aaron.

    Moms with new babies need time to celebrate and love their baby first.

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