Heart Moms


Two baby girls will have heart surgery today–the beautitul Delphine, whose mama writes Banana Migraine, and the beautiful Georgia, whose mama writes Unringing the Bell.

Delphine and Georgia, and their families, will be in my thoughts today.

UPDATE: Both babies are out of surgery and in recovery, with stronger, better hearts!


7 thoughts on “Heart Moms

  1. I’ve been praying for these cute girls – I’m sooo relieved their surgeries were successful! I’m praying for speedy recoveries and that they will be home with their families soon!!!

  2. So glad they are doing well. Whenever I hear about a heart surgery my stomach does a flop and I have flashbacks of our OHS with Rhett. Thanks for updating!

  3. I’m so happy that these two sweeties are doing so well. With everyone out there thinking good thoughts for them, I’m not surprised.

  4. I posted about this too. I know everything they’re feeling right now and the waiting is the worst part; it’s only been six months ago for us. I’m hoping for quick, successful surgeries for them both.

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