Singing to my children

There’s a song in my heart these days. I write about it in “A Little More” at ParentDish.

4 thoughts on “Singing to my children

  1. Beautiful!

    Lauren is incredibly responsive to music as well. She is a busy little bee, in nearly constant motion. She lights up and stops, listening at the first notes she hears. It is amazing, the draw that it has.

  2. Jennifer,
    This is beautiful. Music lights up our lives as well. GP’s been known to play a mean harmonica right in step with everyone from Dan Zanes to Bob Dylan. I am hoping we’ll work our way up to piano, but the boy has his young heart set on “rock and roll guitar.”

  3. Oh, Jennifer! That made me very weepy. In a very good way.

    I am a classically trained singer with, admittedly, a gift. The irony is that my son cannot tolerate my singing ANYTHING that is not a simple kids’ song or lullabye. OUCH! Ours is not **yet** a house of music, though Nik responds so well to musical “cues”, much like you’ve described with Avery.
    Funny thing is, I don’t miss the singing so much anymore —my heart is too full of other things these days.

    So glad you’ve found your voice with your children; I firmly believe that is what God intended mother’s voices for anyway!

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