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Good things giveaway winner…

And the Goosie Cards winner is, (drumroll please…) Melissa, from Making Things Up. Email me with your mailing address at jennifer (at) jennifergrafgroneberg (dot) com, and I’ll send them out to you. Congratulations! And thanks everyone, for playing. I wish … Continue reading

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Of the new painting on the fridge:

Bennett: “Who made that? Carter made that?” Me: “Yes, Carter made that.” Bennett: “It says, ‘I have a truck.’” Me: “No, it says, ‘I love you.’” Bennett: “Yes. I love me.”

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Good things giveaway

A while back, for ParentDish, I wrote a post about a new, mom-owned company called Goosie Cards, that makes custom flash cards. The company is the brainchild of Jennifer Marchetti, who created the cards for her son Zach, who’s nicknamed … Continue reading

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A big one and a little one

The twins don’t look like twins, anymore. When they were babies, and I wheeled them around in the InStep double jogger stroller, or as toddlers, when they could still share clothes, denying their twinship was impossible. But lately, as the … Continue reading

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Prenatally and Postnatally Diagnosed Condition Awareness Act

From Noelle at Jaden’s Journal: As of last Wednesday, July 18, the Prenatally & Postnatally Diagnosed Condition Awareness Act has been officially Re-introduced into Congress! The last time this Bill was introduced, 2 years ago, it never even got this … Continue reading

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Carter says:

“You know one thing about life, Mom?” Me: “What?” Carter: “There’s no pause button.” Me: “It’s true. Sometimes, I wish more than anything that there was a pause button.” Carter: “There’s no rewind, either, and no fast-forward.” Me: “No.” Carter: … Continue reading

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For a Parker update…

go here.

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It’s “Love for Parker” week

From Melody, of Slurping Life: Love For Parker is here! July 23 – July 27. Are you all ready to show lots of Love For Parker and have a chance to win one of many unbelievably fantastic prizes? Parker is … Continue reading

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Dinner conversation

Carter: “I’m the king.” Bennett: “I’m the king.” Carter: “Mom, who’s the king?” Me: “You’re both kings. There’s two. It’s good to have two kings so if there’s a battle, no one knows who to get.” Carter pauses for a … Continue reading

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When a haircut isn’t just a haircut

For most of my life I’ve had long hair, except for a relatively brief time after the birth of my first son Carter. Then, I felt compelled to cut it short, for reasons that didn’t become clear right away. And … Continue reading

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If you voted in the AmEx “The Members Project,”

the second round of voting has begun. A message from NADS reads: Miraculously AWARENESS CAN BUILD A FAMILY made the cut again in the last round of voting for the American Express Members Project! You all are amazing!!!! Now the … Continue reading

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Special Anniversaries

Vicki Forman has another “Special Needs Mama” post up at Literary Mama. This month’s title is “Anniversaries.” I love reading her posts because she writes about moments I recognize; things I can relate to in my life as Avery’s mom. … Continue reading

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The Randomness of Life,

or 8 Facts About Me, is a meme (or me-me) and Niksmom from Maternal Instincts…Flying by the Seat of my Pants tagged me. Here are the rules: 1. Let others know who tagged you. 2. Players start with 8 random … Continue reading

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Cleaning house at Pinwheels…

If things look newer, fresher, lighter, cleaner around here, that’s because of Rebecca from Just a Little Bit of Something Extra Creations. I asked her to help make the Pinwheels blog design “less fussy,” and I told her I hoped … Continue reading

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The gifts of giving birth

It’s Thursday! Which means there’s another feature post up at ParentDish. This week, I’m thinking about the wide gap between what I expected my two experiences with childbirth to be, and what they actually were, and how this gap provided … Continue reading

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